Power & Energy Management System

Power & Energy Management Monitoring Systems & Software

Energy Monitoring System

Energy monitoring worldwide equipment,software, dashboard and equipment. Energy management and targeting system products for commercial companies monitoring management of multiple sites regardless of geographical location.

Thermtec energy monitoring devices and energy management solutions have been designed to provide the end user with the equipment to record and view in Real Time energy consumption on 3 phase circuits, allows for remote monitoring of amp, V, Pf, KWh, KVA, KVar monitoring tools track and display real-time and historical data. It has unique communication interface which allows communication over LAN, RS485, GSM, 3G, Wifi, and Zigbee Pro.

This is part of a suite of New Energy Monitoring Hardware designed developed manufactured by Thermtec Energy which works in conjunction with our Enigma energy monitoring software, dashboard. Enables central monitoring and management of multiple sites regardless of geographical location. Power monitoring tools track and display real-time and historical data. Seeing exactly when energy is used, combined with anomaly recognition, can allow Facility or Energy Managers to identify savings opportunities. These tools can also be used for Energy Monitoring and Targeting. Some of the areas which we can analyse in our industrial energy dashboard from the data which we harvest from our energy monitors can provide an invaluable reference point data to view the historical picture over time.

Energy Management Software collects historic and or real-time interval data, with intervals from every 12 seconds. The data is collected from monitors / meters, directly from sensors on electrical circuits, or other sources. Electricity and Gas are the most common utilities measured, though systems may monitor water use, and even locally generated energy. Renewable energy sources have contributed to the spurred growth in EMS data collection markets.

You can analyse the impact of a break down for instance as you can see the time of shut down and how long the line was out of commission. You can monitor the consumption of an individual asset on the production line this is extremely useful for future planning. You can map production timings to see how much actual production time there has been on a shift. You can map production timings for to see how much actual down time there has been on a shift i.e. stop starts, break times, label changing etc. This data is hugely important for the pre-planning of production facilities, updating and renewal and allows targeting of the areas of highest energy usage relative to your production plant and allows you for to specify changes in both plant and individual manufacturing Zones that will provide energy reductions well into the future and there by future proofing the whole plant. Work towards conformance to the ISO 50001 Energy Management Standard to continuously improve your energy management program and energy performance.

Power & Energy Management System

Thermtec Energy remote monitoring and control, ethernet controllers, sensors and detectors, GSM/GPRS controllers environmental monitoring, server room monitoring, IP sensor, remote relay board, I/O controller, IP Watch dog, SNMP, SCADA.

Industrial Cellular 3G, 4G Router, Cellular IP Modems, Zigbee Products, DTU, RTU devices.

Thermtec Energy Solutions will identify opportunities for energy cost saving and assist businesses in Ireland in managing energy consumption.

Energy efficicency by energy monitoring and targeting, data and power consumption devices electricity monitoring, temperature humidity monitoring, liquid temperature monitor, refrigeration monitoring, remote monitoring and control system and software. An energy efficiency audit identifies energy consumption in an existing commercial, industrial facility, building or structure. The information gathered during monitoring can be used to incorporate energy conservation measures or energy saving technologies, such as retrofitted electronic control systems. Our energy monitoring software will identify cost saving opportunities, which result in significantly reduced utility bills .

Our vision is of creating Commercial Energy Monitoring Company centered on our expertise and knowledge in the industrial sector, which is viewed by organisations as their first port of call for all energy reduction solutions.

Our aim as an commercial, industrial energy monitoring company is giving our clients complete and undivided support in developing cost saving solutions suited to all needs.

Our combination of commercial, industrial energy power monitoring management hardware and software has been developed to provide you with real time data that can be invaluable to provide energy analysis on Electricity Consumption, Carbon, Production Costs, Time Management, PM Maintenance and Temperature Logging to name but a few.

We aim to provide cost neutral commercial and industrial energy monitoring solutions which assist our clients in reducing their energy consumption and carbon emissions, thus reducing costs and increasing energy efficiency throughout all oganisations.

Monitor, manage and control electricity, heating, humidity, hot water use in buildings of all varieties, from commercial, agri, industrial buildings.


Industrial Energy Monitoring

Tracking industrial automation energy efficiency and co2 emissions. Our energy power monitoring devices assist industrial companies or facilities in understanding how they use energy and help to identify the areas through the audit where waste occurs and where opportunities for improvement exist.

Commercial Energy Monitoring

Reducing energy consumption in commercial buildings. Commercial building energy monitoring and management. Wireless analysis energy monitoring system Electricity, Heating and Hot Water

Public Sector Energy Monitoring

We offer a solution for environmental heating control including temperature and humidity sensors which are accessible both locally through the hardware and remotely through our unique easy to use web based control providing unparalleled functionality and system temperature data logging for your Business.

Home Energy Monitoring

We offer a range of hot water monitoring products for to both remote control and data logging to both the Domestic and Commercial Sectors.


Remote energy monitoring and control from anywhere. Our devices give you possibility for remote monitoring and control of almost all around you – temperature, humidity, voltages, current, gases concentration, air pressure etc.

We have a wide range of remote control and real time monitoring solutions to cover your companies needs as each system is tailored to suit your requirement and facility.

We supply a multi layer failover energy audit management software system which allows collection of data both locally and cloud based for to ensure Quantitative and Qualitative data for your energy analysis and data logging and reporting needs.


Relay Controls

Lighting Controls

Solar PV

Water Meter

Gas Meter


Energy Monitoring

We deliver cost effective and innovative domestic, commercial and industrial energy management solutions for all your energy monitoring and data analysis needs right from surveying, hardware supply, energy monitoring and reporting software. We use intelligent wireless energy monitoring and control devices.

Thermal Imaging Surveys

Thermography infrared thermal imaging energy audit services. Thermal inspections for Homes, Factories, Office, School and Medical environments can help reduce heating bills. We provide a Professional and Certified Thermal Imaging inspection and reporting service to complement any energy monitoring system and to assist with all of your electrical, mechanical and PM maintenance schedules and requirements.

Research and Development

We are constantly investing in research and development to help bring advanced energy monitoring and control systems to our clients this includes working with our hardware manufacturing partners and adding additional functionality and features to our innovative control systems and data analysis software.

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