Energy Analysis, Reporting, Data Management.

In order to succeed in reducing energy bills, solutions are required that place important energy, carbon emissions data right on your desktop. This allows you to spend less time collecting and validating information and more time developing strategies, performing analysis, and managing corporate-wide initiatives. Measurement can range from only utility meters for small organisations up to complete monitoring and measurement systems connected to a software application capable of consolidating data and delivering automatic analysis. It is up to the organisation to determine the means of measurement. Whatever monitoring and metering you do, it needs to work for you and your company. With modern day cloud computing data analytics anything is possible. No point buying a system to spend your time developing excel reports. You should be able to select data by production line, shift, day, time, tariff, as you require.

At Thermtec we have developed a cloud based energy analysis and reporting system.All the tools you need to monitor, target and reduce energy consumption: KWH Per Phase, Cost Of Power, Carbon Values, % Power Per Phase

Tarrif Options Winter Day One, Winter Night One, Winter Peak Time, Winter Day Two, Winter Night Two, Summer Night One, Summer Day, Summer Night Two, Total For Day.

Some of the areas which we can analyse from the data which we harvest from the energy monitors can provide an invaluable reference point data to view the historical picture over time.

You can analyse the impact of a break down for instance as you can see the time of shut down and how long the line was out of commission. You can monitor the consumption of an individual asset on the production line this is extremely useful for future planning. You can map production timings to see how much actual production time there has been on a shift. You can map production timings for to see how much actual Down time there has been on a shift i.e. stop starts, break times, label changing etc. This data is hugely important for the pre-planning of production facilities, updating and renewal and allows targeting of the areas of highest energy usage relative to your production/ Plant and allows you for to specify changes in both plant and individual Zones that will provide energy reductions well Into the future and there by future proofing the whole plant