What is PAT Testing

Portable appliance testing aka PAT, PAT Inspection or PAT Testing by which electrical appliances are routinely checked for safety. Health and safety regulations require that electrical appliances are safe and maintained to prevent harm to workers.

These are taken to be an item of equipment which is not part of a fixed installation but is, or is intended to be, connected to fixed installation, or a generator, by means of a flexible cable and a plug and socket.

PAT Testing and Regulations:.

It is very important to test and maintain all portable appliances as per HAS regulations. All portable appliances must be tested and maintained on a regular basis. All records must be kept for at least five years for HSA random checks.

All organisations both public and private must comply with the law (Regulations S.I NO.299 OF 2007)

Insurance requirement:


Regulations, SI 299, 2007

Insurance Requirement:

Certified PAT testing is needed to comply with some insurance company requirements

Our Service:

At Thermtec we only use state of the art Megger up to date top quality test equipment. Thermtec offer a service of PAT which covers all voltages from 115v to 230v. Thermtec will assess and develop a testing plan that suits your organisations requirements and will arrange for the testing with the least inconvenience to you your business and or organisation.

All equipment that is tested will then be added to an inventory and then barcoded with a heavy duty reference label with the test results and item details for both future reference and for inspection by the HSA should this be required at any time. A full report containing test certification of all the tests along with any recommendations for repair that were found and need to be carried out will be issued on completion. This report will be both in the form of a searchable PDF file and a hard copy.

On completion of the full PAT, we will compile a list of all test results on both hard and soft copy, which will be issued to you along with your certification on receipt of payment. In addition, each appliance will have a heavy duty tag placed on the lead which will have a bar code as well for inspection.

The testing should be carried out to protect both your employees and customers from accidents such as electric shock or burns whilst also protecting against a potential fire hazard. Many work related accidents are caused by wear and tear of portable appliances such as damaged leads, incorrect fuse rating or damaged casings, to name but a few. Many customer related accidents are due to neglect in maintaining these appliances or lack of testing.

The HSA have recently issued figures reporting that 25% of all electrically related accidents are caused by faulty portable appliances, which can result in serious injury and expensive law suits undertaken by either employees or customers.

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