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Commercial energy monitoring will identify where energy is consumed and how much energy is consumed in an existing commercial building, facility or structure. Information gathered from the commercial energy monitoring can be used to introduce energy conservation measures or appropriate energy saving technologies, such as electronic control systems, in the form of retrofits. A commercial energy monitoring will identify economically justified, cost-saving opportunities that result in significantly lowered electrical, gas, oil bills. A Thermtec commercial energy audit is an effective energy management tool. By identifying and implementing the means to achieve energy efficiency and conservation, not only can energy savings be achieved, but also equipment system services life can be extended. All these mean savings in money.

Services We Offer:

  • Energy Survey.
  • Site analysis and system design.
  • Energy Audit.
  • Energy Monitoring.
  • Energy Management.
  • Software and Systems Data Backup.
  • Billing analysis.
  • Energy Procurement.
  • Thermal Imaging.
  • PAT Testing.
  • Hardware and control systems supply.
  • Cloud based Remote Electricity usage viewing.
  • Cloud based Remote Temperature control.
  • Cloud based Remote Hot Water control.

With our commercial energy monitoring, energy supplier bill analysis is carried out and trending analysis produced for both summer and winter from the harvested data, this is an invaluable resource to any commercial property as it will contain a vast amount of data about your business not just your energy usage. The main purpose of the commercial energy audit is to analyse the building’s energy usage and develop energy efficient measures.

To understand the patterns of commercial energy consumption, we analyse the electrical demand and consumption profile. This commercial energy audit program will provide energy assessments to small businesses and other facilities to help them make informed electrical energy decisions and implement energy-efficiency strategies. Commercial energy audits assessments help identify economically viable improvements that yield substantial annual energy savings.

According to Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI) the average small size GAA, Soccer, Golf, Tennis, Rugby Club could save up to €3,000 a year through energy efficiency.

Our Cost Neutral Commercial Energy Audit approach and philosophy which focuses on creating an efficient and cost effective environment that is all about cost savings and total control. In a sense, we’re not selling Controls but helping reduce costs and provide better solution’s to manage assets. At Thermtec Energy Solutions, we’re helping customers achieve their energy saving’s and control aspirationsâ€Â?.

Thermtec Commercial Energy Audit for Small and Large businesses.

Production Support Planning

The time the line is powered down.
The time the line is energised but not in use.
The time the line is non-productive but is fully active.
(Running Idle Production)  
The time the line is in full production.
The intermittent stop start time i.e. maintenance, label changing, shrink wrap, clearing line etc.
(Lost intermittent) 
Which energy state the line is in during assigned stoppages i.e. tea time and lunch etc.
Phase loadings, identify 3Phase circuits which also have single phase items connected to them.
(Phase Power Balance) 
Consumed power KWH / Cost /% per phase.
(Tariff Analysis)


If You Don't Monitor You Can't Manage

Thermtec energy monitoring devices have been designed to provide the end user with the equipment to record and view in Real Time energy consumption on 3 phase circuits, allows for remote monitoring of amp, V, Pf, KWh, KVA, KVar. It has unique communication interface which allows communication over LAN, RS485, GSM, 3G, Wifi, and Zigbee Pro. This is part of a suite of New Energy Monitoring Hardware designed developed manufactured by Thermtec Energy which works in conjunction with our Enigma energy monitoring software, dashboard. Some of the areas which we can analyse in our industrial energy dashboard from the data which we harvest from our energy monitors can provide an invaluable reference point data to view the historical picture over time. You can analyse the impact of a break down for instance as you can see the time of shut down and how long the line was out of commission. You can monitor the consumption of an individual asset on the production line this is extremely useful for future planning. You can map production timings to see how much actual production time there has been on a shift. You can map production timings for to see how much actual down time there has been on a shift i.e. stop starts, break times, label changing etc. This data is hugely important for the pre-planning of production facilities, updating and renewal and allows targeting of the areas of highest energy usage relative to your production plant and allows you for to specify changes in both plant and individual manufacturing Zones that will provide energy reductions well into the future and there by future proofing the whole plant. Work towards conformance to the ISO 50001 Energy Management Standard to continuously improve your energy management program and energy performance.

With our industrial manufacturing energy monitoring devices we can zone individual areas to monitor what their consumption is relative to all tariffs and current state: Remote Locations, Offices, Meeting Rooms, Communal Areas, Reception, Server Rooms, Air compressors, Air Conditioning, Lighting, Motors, Pumping Stations, Security, Canteens, Kitchen, Warehousing, Charging Stations, Temperature Controlled Areas, Loading Areas, Production Plant, Production Lines, Packing Lines, Motors, Belts, Bearings and Electrical Components.

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