Public Sector Energy Audits

Public Sector energy audits provide you with a clear understanding of energy consumption in your buildings and facilities

The Public Sector has been challenged to reach verifiable energy-efficiency savings of 33%. This target requires management commitment at the highest level and the involvement of all public sector employees. Public sector energy audits programme for Civil Service, Justice and Defence, Local and Regional Authorities (County Councils), Commercial and Non-Commercial State bodies Health Services Executive, Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Creches, Schools and Universities. Public Sector energy audits are a key part of our dedicated energy efficiency services and the first step towards your comprehensive energy management strategy.

Services We Offer:

  • Energy Survey.
  • Site analysis and system design.
  • Energy Audit.
  • Energy Monitoring.
  • Energy Management.
  • Software and Systems Data Backup.
  • Billing analysis.
  • Energy Procurement.
  • Thermal Imaging.
  • PAT Testing.
  • Hardware and control systems supply.
  • Cloud based Remote Electricity usage viewing.
  • Cloud based Remote Temperature control.
  • Cloud based Remote Hot Water control.

Public sector energy audits used to identify any obvious areas of energy waste, to prioritise energy-efficiency project. and possibly also determine the need for a more detailed technical audit. An audit involves assessment of existing building services including gas, electricity and water, heating, air conditioning, ventilation and lighting. analysis of energy and financial data from previous utility bills the previous 12 to 36 months. Detailed investigation of the building’s energy performance including monitoring of energy consumption. Public sector energy audits are a method of identifying the energy consumption of a building in order to determine ways to reduce consumption. A public sector energy audits report is produced, outlining the best ways that energy bills can be cut at each site and the subsequent carbon savings that would accrue should the measures be implemented We carry out comprehensive public sector energy audits and trending of your properties and provide you with a comprehensive report assisting your sector in energy cost reductions. We are both a supplier and installer of the full range of energy monitoring products with a full suite of management software and services. The development of our public sector energy auditing procedure culminated into two methods of gathering data to recommend solutions and generate our reports. Our Cost Neutral Public Sector Energy Audits approach and philosophy which focuses on creating an efficient and cost effective environment that is all about cost savings and total control. In a sense, we’re not selling Controls but helping reduce costs and provide better solution’s to manage assets. At Thermtec Energy, we’re helping customers achieve their energy saving’s and control aspirationsâ€Â?.

Public Sector Energy Audits or Feasibility Study will highlight the key energy problems of Public Sector buildings through the energy audit

For those County Councils yet to embrace energy efficiency, the mandating of public sector energy audits provides an excellent catalyst to a smarter way of working. The first step to taking action is knowing what your opportunities actually are, and we continue to find that many organisations still don’t realise just how financially attractive energy efficiency projects can be.

Public Sector Energy Audits, identify the biggest opportunities for cost reduction for the Public Sector.

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