Energy Management System Software

Smart Energy Monitoring Systems
Enigma Data Analysis Software
Emergency Failover Data Collection
Cloud Based access to view your usage.
Multi Zone selection from any connected device.
Can be used in both New and Retrofit Installations.
Graphical Views in Day, Week, Month, Quarter or Yearly.

Enigma Energy Analysis Software allows you to rapidly view your energy usage in a numbers of ways to help you with your day to day energy reduction plan. Enigma will all you to automatically calculate KW, Cost, Carbon & Percentage of usage from a single upload by the required daily tariff and to compare by energy supplier.

At Thermtec we provide a market leading energy audit which will provide your business with energy ,carbon & cost savings and reductions. These reductions are essential in keeping a consumer or business moving forward in modern times where energy efficiency is number one priority.

Failover access through your desktop to view your usage data.
Enigma will Data log Electricity, Weather, Temperature, Hot Water, Solar PV, Relays and Heat Pumps.
Enigma will allow you set up to three time sets per unit per day.
Automatic PDF Reporting and file structure setup.

Real time energy management software Thermtec Enigma energy monitoring software provides cloud-based energy consumption monitoring system that monitors electricity heating hot water power switching, enables an organisation to reduce costs by monitoring usage of utilities and the corresponding carbon emissions. In the industrial sector, the ability to monitor the efficiency of energy use at production level is critical.

Some areas that we can trend the harvested data for:

All the tools you need to monitor, target and reduce energy consumption.

Thermtec energy monitoring devices and energy management system have been designed to provide the end user with the equipment to record and view in Real Time energy consumption on 3 phase circuits, allows for remote monitoring of amp, V, Pf, KWh, KVA, KVar. It has unique communication interface which allows communication over LAN, RS485, GSM, 3G, Wifi, and Zigbee Pro.

Ideal for energy managers to assist in pin pointing and explaining extreme energy use. Help reduce Greenhouse emissions.

Electricity Monitoring System

kWh day
kVA max min average
Voltage per phase max min average
Amps per phase max min average
Hertz max min average
Device powered from voltage clamps or possibly batteries
SD Card - Memory card to store data up to a year with daily measuring intervals
PF max min average
WIFI option for constant measuring
Report formulated in excel file and online dashboard
Single management site where managers have access to all sites that are connected to internet.

KWH Per Phase, Cost Of Power, Carbon Values, % Power Per Phase, Tarrif Options: Winter Day One, Winter Night One, Winter Peak Time, Winter Day Two, Winter Night Two, Summer Night One, Summer Day, Summer Night Two, Total For Day.

Using these powerful software tools to find ways to reduce your industrial energy use can be a good first step on the path to developing a long-term energy management plan.