Gas Meter

The development of gas consumption is underway, you will be able to see how much gas you're using.

  • We are leading the way in helping our customers to be more in control of their energy and save money.

Lighting Controls

Currently under development on/off control for virtually every type of load, including LED lights, incandescents, halogens, fluorescents, compact fluorescents, and motors, including ceiling fans and bathroom ventilation fans. The Wireless Switch will also handles large banks of fluorescent lights and can be used to switch wall outlets.

Domestic Water Monitor

Wireless Water Consumption Monitoring, which we are currently developing will have a transmitter unit which is attached to your water meter and measures the water flow through a sensing interface to the meter. It then transmits this information from the transmitter wirelessly to the display up to 60 metres (200 feet) line of sight to the water meter pit when the transmitter is fitted to the water meter and the antenna is positioned in the lid area on the antenna fixing bridge.

  • The intention of this product is primarily as an educational device to aid the understanding of water usage in the home enabling the user to reduce water consumption / waste. There is no intention for the wireless water monitor to replace your accurate water meter.
  • Water Monitor Setup:

    Litres per householder, Litres per householder are a normalised number of litres of water used per person per day at home. This comes preset at a value of 160 litres per person This value can be adjusted by the householder to set their own target value per person.
  • Number of persons living in the house The number of persons that live in the house is related to the Litres per householder in calculating the overall litres for the household
  • Cost Per m3 of Water: The cost per m3 of water is the rate charged for each unit (cubic metre or 1000 litres) used.
  • Leak Detect: When the “Possible Leak Detectedâ€Â? icon illuminates the monitor has identified that there is a continuous flow of water outside of normal use that can be attributed to a leak. The leak detect uses an algorithm over a pre set time period looking at the periods of no flow to determine a possible leak as well as the level of the possible leak. If the “Possible Leak Detectedâ€Â? icon illuminates the “LEAKâ€Â? icon will also illuminate.

Remote Relay Switching

Often cabling can be difficult and expensive even for short distances crossing roads, getting permission, gaining access or location is remote.

This remote relay switch is a relatively new product within our range and currently we are developing it with more functionality.

  • This Relay Unit is a part of the of cloud connected monitoring and control products.
  • Our Network gateway uses your existing broadband and or LAN infrastructure or we can provide you with a wireless broadband solution if there is no existing broadband or LAN service available. Enabling it to be used in remote locations eg farm buildings, pumping stations, lighthouses, gates...
  • Remote Relay Switches are equipped with firmware built into the board.

Our remote relay switch can be used by many different businesses, companies, farmers, county councils for hundreds of applications including industrial control, security, remote control, remote reset, and many other applications that require remote relay control.

Solar PV Monitoring

Single-phase Supply, Three-phase Supply, Online Solar PV Panel Monitoring.

  • Allows monitoring of the PV generation, export and overall consumption of a property with solar panels.
  • Shows live readings to 12 second intervals, and a historical account of the above; also telling you when you've improved your usage habits or your solar panels are performing better.
  • User configurable tariff settings allow the unit to calculate what you've spent over the course of a day, week, and month. FITS settings allow you to see the tangible impact your solar panels are having on your bills.

Clear summary information with trend indicators and “hover overâ€Â? analysis.

  • Provides graphs showing both historical and peak values, allowing you to identify when your solar panels have been generating the most energy - and therefore the best times to use power in a day.
  • The gateway automatically logs all of your consumption and generation data securely within the Intelligent Cloud software platform. You can then login to view your live and historic data, from any Internet connected computer, anywhere!
  • Or if you wish, access the dashboard on your smartphone using a dedicated iPhone or Android app - both available for free download. The gateway simply plugs into your existing broadband router and wirelessly links with the Transmitter and Sensors
  • Y Cables are available for use with the solar monitoring system with a type 2 installation where the feed from the PV Inverter is connected straight into the Consumer Unit / Distribution Box.

Temperature Monitoring & Control System

Remote heating control is the perfect solution for giving you full control over the heating in different rooms and zones within your home and office. Control and Heat Rooms Independently Individual room control allows you to dictate specific temperatures and times in different rooms.

  • Smart Heating Controls use a web dashboard to display the heating system status and to programme and control it, on any web enabled device.
  • This is a massive advantage over conventional systems in a number of ways. The time clock is essentially an on line calendar that is very simple indeed to setup. Different heating patterns over different days are easily set up and fine tuned, copying patterns to different days takes the chore out of set up, holiday dates ensure the system is not running when you are away if you don't want it to be, and so on. The dashboard shows current temperature, allows you to boost the sytem or put it in stand by, and of course see what is going on the versatile graphing facility. This in particular enables you to fine tune the system for maximum efficiency and to suit your lifestyle, and therefore to make very significant fuel savings.
  • There are four Smart Energy Control products. OWL Intuition-c is for homes with a combi boiler (hot water on demand and no hot water tank) and where the wired thermostat in the home is replaced directly by the OWL Intuition Room Sensor. If the Room Sensor is required to be wireless then a Wireless Relay Unit is added and the correct product is OWL Intuition-cw. OWL Intuition-h is for homes and offices fitted with a system boiler and separate hot water tank. Again, if the heating Room Sensor is to be wireless, the correct product is OWL Intuition-hw.

If the heating system has multiple zones then additional Room Sensors (and Relay Units if required) can be added. Intuition currently supports up to four heating zones - it is intended that this will be extended in the future.

Hot Water Zone Control:

  • Allows remote control of a hot water zone
  • Fully programmable time clock.
  • Fully programmable temperature settings. The hot water to wash hand basins used by the children must be thermostatically controlled to a temperature of 43 Degrees Celsius to prevent children scalding themselves.
  • The Tank Sensor provides hot water tank thermostat and programmer / time clock functionality.
  • Automatic Anti Legionella Cycle Setting for safety

The Smart Way To Monitor And Control Heat Pumps

Specifically designed to remotely control heating systems which incorporate a Heat Pump. Remotely controls the heating system from any internet connected device-from anywhere and anytime. Analyse overall electricity consumption and cost too. Remotely control your heating system. Access heat pump control via any internet connected device. View the amount of electricity consumed by your Heat Pump. Compare the Heat Pump energy consumed with overall energy consumption in your property.